If you want to use the best practices of Diversity and Inclusion to improve attitudes and behaviors, increase commitment and loyalty, and unlock the full potential of your team, you came to the right place.


Our successful training, coaching and consulting services will help you create a highly respectful, motivated, and productive work environment.


If your goal is to enhance workplace harmony and overall productivity, contact us. We are here to partner with you.


Committed to building global teams for culturally diverse organizations, DAPA offers customized Diversity and Inclusion workshops where participants explore how culture affects interpersonal relationships and work. Participants typically come to understand how cultural differences and similarities can enhance teamwork and promote productivity and organizational effectiveness. They come to understand the negative impact of everyday bigotry, prejudice, and intolerance, and learn constructive ways of responding to the challenges that arise.


Executive training and one-on-one coaching are very effective ways of enhancing cultural competency, sensitivity, and appropriate professional behavior. We work with individuals in order to develop trust and comfortable environments that allow them to freely express their own personal views and issues. We usually review concepts such as prejudice, stereotyping, profiling, harassment, and unacceptable humor during our coaching sessions. As a result, participants identify undesirable behavior and develop action plans for personal improvement.


Our Diversity and Inclusion consulting services not only offer practical solutions to the many issues that arise when people from different backgrounds meet and interact, but also put in place effective systems that allow companies to manage diversity in the workplace and benefit from it. Our corporate clients experience a significant increase in respectful communication and creative participation which consistently translate into workplace harmony and more productive environments, with positive effects on the bottom line.