Coaching is a very particular activity which is highly dependent on the individuals involved and the situations at hand. Therefore, every case is treated as a singular case. We approach coaching with the utmost thoughtfulness.

We customize our programs based on our assessments. These assessments give us the understanding and the information we need to determine the best way of dealing with each specific situation. Many times this translates into working one-on-one with individuals, discussing their own personal views and issues, and developing personal action plans. One-on-one coaching can be a very effective way of enhancing the sensitivity of an individual which, in turn, can lead to the modification of an undesirable behavior.

Our assessments will determine the best content to be covered during those coaching sessions in order to maximize their effectiveness. With the objective of enhancing cultural competency, sensitivity, and appropriate professional behavior, we may review concepts such as stereotyping, profiling, and unacceptable humor. If the case at hand so demands, we may analyze aspects of discrimination such as those based on race, gender, age, physical and mental disability, religion, national origin, citizenship status, language proficiency, education, and sexual orientation, among others. We review steps to overcome bias and promote a respectful place of work. Finally, we explore possible courses of action, and encourage individuals to make personal commitments for the betterment of their work environments. Our goal is to inspire people to become active promoters of work environments that are free of any sort of harassment and discrimination.