Lee Milstein

Lee brings a unique set of skills and experience to the diversity and inclusion and multicultural training, coaching, facilitating, and consulting environments. He has traveled, resided, and worked professionally in more than 35 countries, where he has dedicated his energies to cross-cultural change management for global businesses, international organizations, NGO’s and educational institutions.


Leveraging his cross cultural background, Lee’s transformational approach as an executive facilitator, trainer and coach has been used to set goals for personal development and high performance with diverse teams of managers, supervisors and individual contributors. Lee has extensive international business and marketing experience and has designed diversity and inclusion and intercultural strategy training programs for organizations in global business, education, social services, and hospitality and tourism for more than thirty years.


He has collaborated on global consulting, training, facilitating and coaching projects in Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Jakarta, Bangalore, Honolulu, Portland, Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Mexico City, Kiev, The Maldives and the Peruvian Amazon for numerous global clients such as Hewlett-Packard, Dow Corning, Samsung Corporation, BP, GlaxoSmithKline, Cisco, JPMorgan Chase, Colgate-Palmolive, Merck, Nestle, Nokia to name a few. Lee received his master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Hawaii and his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hofstra University in New York.



Piero Falci

Piero is a management consultant with extensive executive experience in international business and with a passion for developing leaders. He is a Diversity and Inclusion training and coaching professional with a keen ability to identify training and coaching needs, develop meaningful content, facilitate workshops, coach executives, and develop leaders.


Piero was born and raised in Brazil where he studied Business Administration and Urban and Regional Economics. He later studied Economic Development and Planning in Italy and Administration in Japan. He taught Situational Leadership at universities in Brazil and is the author of “110 Reflections of a Government Manager.” He has extensive professional experience both in the public and private sector. He was the Executive Director of a large government agency in Brazil, and he held upper management positions in Sales, Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, Strategy, Planning, and Business Development at Motorola and other large multinational corporations.


His career has centered mostly on business in Latin America and the Caribbean, where he has had opportunities to hire and provide training to many individuals. Besides English, he is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. He lived in Brazil and Argentina before coming to the United States where he currently resides. Through his extensive international experience, Piero developed a passion for diversity and inclusion that he shares with enthusiasm during his workshops and coaching sessions.


Leslie Lott

Leslie has extensive experience in cultural sensitivity and international business. As a leader in ESL education and training of adults from around the world for nearly 30 years, Leslie has advised/worked with people from well over 50 countries to improve their quality of life through, among other things, expanding their awareness of different perspectives. Having experienced first-hand the results of prejudices of all sorts in her own work and travels, Leslie knows this material from the inside out.  Her combination of knowledge, experience, genuine warmth, and passion for education on varying issues within the diversity training spectrum are powerful, engaging, and transformative.

Her dedication to empowering people through education propelled Leslie to create both Lott English Academy and The Empowerment and Enrichment Center, organizations which aim to help others expand their knowledge and self-awareness in order to live fuller, more joyful lives. 



Sandi King

Sandi King values diversity as one of the greatest assets and strengths of any business or community. She believes that a variety of knowledge, skill sets, cultural traditions, and personalities is the epitome of wealth and abundance. There is a power available through the diverse mix that adds a true competitive edge to any initiative. Sandi earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, cum laude, from Nova Southeastern University, and then undertook her Master’s Degree with an emphasis on International Leadership and Entrepreneurship. She has over 25 years’ experience in the legal industry, as a paralegal.


Sandi has held a management and/or executive coaching role in many businesses and has a proven track record of successful conflict resolution and the ability to create stellar high-performance teams. Sandi is highly regarded as a fierce advocate for peace, unity, and respect for all. Her knack and passion for creating and facilitating workshops, seminars, classes and retreats is noteworthy. Sandi considers herself to be a connection and empowerment specialist; she has a way of pulling the right people, places and things together to create extraordinary results. Mentoring, teaching, consulting, motivating and inspiring are all ways in which Sandi enjoys giving back and paying it forward.

Sandi has a beautiful multi-racial family and therefore has first-hand experience and expertise that more than qualifies her to share and lead this work. She has literally built her life and career around bringing awareness to the incredible value of diversity.