A diverse workforce can make an organization stronger and better prepared for the future. By allowing employees to reflect upon the value of diversity and the benefits of working in harmony with one another, companies create an inclusive work environment where all employees are engaged, feel valued, and take better care of internal and external customers, all of which increases productivity and translates into positive effects on the bottom line. Additionally, by enhancing respect for diversity and the sensitivity of their team members, companies protect themselves from potential claims of discrimination, costly litigations, and lawsuits.



Participants in the DAPA workshops understand the negative impact of everyday bigotry, prejudice, and intolerance. They explore and practice how to respond in constructive ways to many of the divisive and harmful ways of thinking and acting. At the same time, DAPA reaches the perpetrators of workplace discordance, giving them opportunities to come to new levels of understanding which ultimately inspire them to change their behavior for the better.



Our assessments give us opportunities to understand the needs of our clients, customize our programs, and deliver the most effective workshops for each specific situation in order to bring about a more sensitive and respectful workforce and a more cooperative and productive work environment. Committed to building global teams for culturally diverse organizations, DAPA offers customized workshops where participants explore how culture affects work and interpersonal relationships. Participants typically come to understand how cultural differences and similarities can enhance teamwork and promote productivity and organizational effectiveness.



The presence of competent facilitators to manage group interaction during workshops that deal with such deep human issues as bias and prejudice is of extreme importance. Our extensive experience in adult education confirms that transformational learning demands time for involvement, participation, and self-discovery. Longer workshops with a limited number of attendees allow for interactive exercises, participation, and reflection, which bring about a more effective and transformational experience for the participants and better results for our clients.

"Your approach transcends the typical dry, legalistic definitions of discrimination and diversity, and how to avoid geting the company in trouble. I absolutely appreciate your big picture approach." - Colleene Kershner - HR Manager - Unilever Corp.

"As a result of the DAPA Training, we are seeing the beginning of some change in the department. The most significant observation is that people are more willing to talk about issues that affect them and there's now a collaboration on resolving the problem." - Scott Sundermeier - Dept. Director - City of Coconut Creek


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